Qu4lity will realise a radical shift from state of the art production quality methods to the disruptive Autonomous Quality (AQ) concept, through enabling manufacturers and solution providers (including SMEs) to develop, validate, deploy and adopt innovative Cognitive Manufacturing solutions for ZDM.

Specification of concept & reference architecture for Autonomous Quality and Cognitive Manufacturing for ZDM

Introduce the concept and realization of Autonomous Quality in manufacturing based on flexible, self-adaptive, self-learning and intelligent cognitive manufacturing systems. A reference architecture (QU4LITY-RA) for cognitive AQ solutions will be introduced.

Integration and interoperability of digital automation technologies towards trustworthy digital continuity

Provide technological solutions for the integration and seamless interworking of the digital enablers of the autonomous quality paradigm, including Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Edge/Fog computing devices, 4G/5G networking technologies and more.

ZDM equipment platforms enhancement, integration and customization

Qu4lity will specify how leading edge equipment platforms for ZDM (including real adaptive hot stamping, self-learning autonomous systems, high precision machining, quality controlled additive manufacturing, and self-reconfigurable flexible cells) can be digitally enhanced in order to enable the AQ paradigm.

Open, composable, standards-based implementation of cognitive manufacturing processes and solutions for AQ

Based on the QU4LITY-RA and the digitally enhanced machinery, the Project will provide open, composable, standards-based implementation of entire ZDM processes, which will span multiple stages inside the Factory and across the supply chain. Special emphasis will be paid in easing the composition of different digital manufacturing components and functionalities based on Open APIs.

Lighthouse large scale pilots and demonstrations

Qu4lity will validate and evaluate its cognitive manufacturing solutions for AQ in the scope of 14 real-life pilots, carefully selected in order to demonstrate the digital enhancement of machines and multi-stage autonomous ZDM processes.

Establishment of ZDM experimental facilities – Certification of AQ solutions testbeds

Qu4lity will setup testbeds and experimental facilities based on the standards-based reference architecture of the Project and on top of the world class facilities that will be contributed by the project partners.

Virtualized innovation hub & multisided market platform for Autonomous Quality

Qu4lity will provide a one-shop-stop marketplace for Autonomous Quality ZDM solutions, which will support the AQ services development processes end-to-end, through access to digital technologies, ZDM equipment and other related IP, as well as through Access to required complementary assets such as training, technical support and consulting. The project will establish a DIH for AQ/ZDM, based on the federation, enhancement and virtualization of already available services in the digital innovation hubs of the consortium.

Community building and engagement of SMEs

Integrate the project´s results within the European digital manufacturing ecosystem, while building a community of users and solution providers around the project´s results, including the Qu4lity market platform and virtualized digital innovation hub.