Project Management and Administration

Data Management Plan

1st Report on Open Calls

2nd Report on Open Calls

3rd Report on Open Calls

Autonomous Quality in ZDM: Vision and Specifications

Analysis of User Stories and Stakeholders’ Requirements

Autonomous Quality Vision for ZDM and Quality Management Excellence

of ZDM Assets

Standards Compliance and Interoperability Specification

QU4LITY Digital Models
and Vocabularies

Reference Architecture
and Blueprints

Interoperable & Trusted Digital Infrastructures for ZDM

Connectivity Technologies for Autonomous Quality

HPC and Cloud Resources for ZDM

BigData and Analytics Infrastructure

Fog Nodes and Edge Gateways for ZDM deployments


Permissioned Blockchain for ZDM

Library of Integrated, Interoperable Digital Enablers

ZDM Equipment Digital Enhancement for Autonomous Quality Operations

Specifications of Digital Enhancements of ZDM Equipment

Distributed Communication and Control Infrastructure

Implementation of Digital Enhancements of ZDM Equipment

Equipment Assessment and Assurance Report

Report on Equipment Interworking and Interoperability

Open Autonomous Quality Services Engineering and Processes

Framework for User-Centric ZDM Processes

Multi-Domain Simulation Framework for Multi-Stage ZDM Processes

Tools and Techniques for Adaptive Shopfloor Automation and ZDM Processes

QU4LITY Digital Platforms Open APIs

Open, Secure Industrial Data Space for ZDM

Experimental Facilities for Testing, Verification, Certification and Standards Auditing

ZDM Experimental Facilities and Testbeds

Community Support Services

Large Scale ZDM Pilots Deployment, Validation and Evaluation

Detailed Pilot Specification and Report on Pilot Sites Preparation

European Digital Business Innovation Market Platform for ZDM

Market Platform and Virtualized Digital Innovation Hub Specifications

Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization

Detailed Dissemination and Communication Plan

Dissemination and Communication Activities (Period 1)

Dissemination and Communication Activities (Period 2)

Contributions to SDOs, Associations and Clusters

Community Building Report