Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Quality 4.0

Digital Tech Talk | 30th March 2021 | 09:00 – 12:30


  Session 1: Introduction – Remaining Useful Life Calculation

09:00 – Introduction to the Workshop – ML for Quality 4.0
Dr. John Soldatos – INTRASOFT International, Luxembourg

09:10 –H2020 QU4LITY: The Vision of Autonomous Quality
Angelo Marguglio – H2020 QU4LITY TM, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., Italy
Dr. Oscar Lazaro – Innovalia Association, Spain

09:30 – Deep Neural Networks for RUL Estimation
Dr. Thanasis Naskos – ATLANTIS Engineering S.A, Greece

09:50 – QARMA4 Industry: A Quantitative Rules Mining Framework for RUL Calculation
Dr. Ioannis Christou – INTRASOFT International, Luxembourg

10:10 – Short Coffee Break

  Session 2: Faults, Anomalies and Defects Identification

10:15 –Anomaly Detection Using Unsupervised Learning Techniques
Dr. L. (Leo) Kampmeijer – TNO, The Netherlands
Rob Snel – TNO, The Netherlands

10:35 –Intelligent Data Platforms for Advanced Analytics in Industry by Mondragon Coorporation,
Ikerlan and MGEP : A Fagor Arrasate Case study

Ekhi Zugasti – MGEP, Spain
Xabier de Carlos – IKERLAN, Spain

11:05 –Failure Identification in ATLANTIS Smart Maintenance Platform
Maria Psarodimou – ATLANTIS Engineering S.A, Greece

11:25 – Short Coffee Break

  Session 3: Product Control and Testing – Concluding Remarks

11:30 – ML based Product Testing and Quality Control
Dr. Lukas Schulte – Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

11:50 – Improving the build quality in laser powder bed fusion using high dynamic range imaging and model-based reinforcement learning
Christian Knaak – Fraunhofer ILT, Germany

12:10 – Open Discussion – Stakeholders’ Feedback – Engaging with QU4LITY and DFA

12:25 – Conclusions – Closing Remarks – Workshop Closing