Workshop on Data-driven Manufacturing

Madeira Island, Portugal, September 25-26

BOOST4.0 was the main driver of the workshop that was organized in the scope of IS2018 (IEEE Conference on Intelligent Systems 2018) at Madeira Island, Portugal. Chaired by Arian Zwegers (EC, DG-CNET), Maria Marques (UNINOVA) and Dimos Ioannidis (CERTH/ITI), the workshop counted with the participation of several initiatives that provided insight on the state-of-practice of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0, Skills4.0 and Interoperable platforms for Industry 4.0 (e.g. PRODUTECH, FIWARE, BEinCPPS, MIDIH, A4BLUE, AUTOWARE, etc.). BOOST 4.0 approach and AI initiative were presented together with the FIWARE Zero defect manufacturing (presented by Ulrich Ahle from FIWARE) and Smart Production Planning & Management pilots (presented by Diogo Graça from VWAE).